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Jama Poonji

Saving Investment Awareness

jama poonji.jpg

Thespianz presented a humorous Urdu theater play “Jama Poonji (Golden Shake Hand)” on September 27th, 2016 at Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC). The play was directed by Faisal Malik and written by Nouman Mehmood. The story of the theater play revolves around a middleclass Memon family of Mr. and Mrs. Nazeer are middle-aged couple with two adolescent sons Zain and Qasim that is caught in an enigmatic and conflicting situation after the family chief Mr. Nazeer’s retirement from national airlines. The amount received after ‘Golden Shake hand’ has to be invested properly, wisely and securely, while Mr. Nazeer is inherently a salaried employee who doesn’t have any experience or knowhow of business and investment policies. First, the amount is deposited in a bank, where it doesn’t bring fruit and starts getting devalued. The family ponders over the problem and the possible solutions. The family makes a plan to catch the culprit red-handed and, finally, hands over him to the police after a session of thrashing. In the end, the sons, being well aware of the modern world and its requirements, advise the parents to invest the savings in state-owned and secure organization like SECP and the whole family gets a sigh of relief and smile of contentment.

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