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Ghabrana Nahi Hai

Women Empowerment & Importance of Family Relations

Theatrical play "Ghabrana Nahi Hai" is a family story in which Fawad lives with his parents in a middle-class area of ​​the city. Beautiful daughters-in-law want to bring home because at this age they know that death can come to them at any time. They not only support each other but also teach Fawad about women's empowerment and parental relationships. Fawad, The main character of the play is a woman who does not understand the value in her life, and her parents want her to get married. So this is an interesting and humorous recurrence between the main character, the theater writer by profession, and his parents. Sehrish comes to learn acting from him and realizes that the media has linked Fawad's relationship with Shahrbano. Fawad's parents manage to make him understand the value and importance of women in society in an interesting way.

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