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Thespianz Foundation USA, your gateway to a world of artistic excellence and cultural enrichment. Established in 2014, we are a dynamic and dedicated performing arts organization located in the heart of the USA. Our passion for the arts drives us to create memorable experiences in three distinct fields:


Theatre: At Thespianz Foundation USA, we believe in the power of storytelling through the theatrical arts. Our stage productions captivate audiences with compelling narratives, exceptional acting, and stunning visuals. From classical drama to contemporary works, we bring stories to life with creativity and passion.


String Puppetry: Dive into the enchanting world of string puppetry, where artistry and imagination converge. Thespianz Foundation USA is a leader in the realm of puppetry, using intricate strings to weave tales that leave audiences spellbound. Our puppetry performances are a testament to the beauty of this age-old craft, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.


Theatre & Motivational Workshops: Beyond the stage, we are committed to inspiring and empowering individuals through our theater and motivational workshops. Our team of experienced professionals conducts engaging sessions that harness the transformative power of the performing arts. Whether it's building confidence, fostering creativity, or promoting teamwork, our workshops are designed to leave a lasting impact. At Thespianz Foundation USA, we are driven by a mission to celebrate diversity, promote cultural understanding, and foster a love for the arts. Join us on a journey of creativity, talent, and inspiration. Experience the magic of theater, the allure of string puppetry, and the transformative power of our workshops. Together, we create moments that resonate and memories that last a lifetime.


Explore our world of performing arts, and let your imagination take flight with Thespianz Foundation USA. Welcome to our stage!


Founded in 2014 as a not-for-profit organization in United States.  Thespianz Foundation features a strong community of performers, writers, directors, and creative heads that utilize social theater, string puppetry, Trainings & Workshops, CSR projects and lectures to reach out to marginalized communities throughout United States. These performing arts create powerful tools to convey topics of awareness about social justice, human rights, women’s and children’s rights, disability rights, peace and tolerance, and anti-drug campaigns. Thespianz Foundation is changing the narrative for those living in United States by empowering them with an increased understanding of their world.

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