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These kinds of activities don’t exist in our area. If you people come out regularly, we will participate daily.

Kanwal Naz - 12 Years old student in Orangi Town, Karachi - Pakistan

As one of the oldest performing arts traditions in the world, string puppetry has often provided a medium for social commentary through culturally relevant and relatable stories.


Thespianz Foundation has worked over the past decade to revitalize string puppetry, incorporating new themes of tolerance, diversity, and resilience into the old folklore.


Being a mother of two young kids, It is really difficult to educate children from the societal dos and don'ts. The way Thespianz chose to educate children from social evils is really appreciating.

Shazia Mansoor - House Wife

in Liyari, Karachi - Pakistan


For some youth, string puppetry has helped connect them with their culture, and understand values of peace and justice. A young man named Aijaz witnessed a string puppetry performance on his way home from his job as a gas station cashier.

After leaving school when his father passed away at age 15, Aijaz worked to help support his family, but always had a passion for arts and culture. When the Thespianz Foundation came to his small village, he saw the beauty and love that came from the performance and realized his admiration for the arts was still alive inside of him.


Today I have learned from Puppets that "Theft Is A Curse" and "Lie Is A Sin",

Zainab Arshad - 10 years old Student

Govt School Korangi - Karachi - Pakistan

Discussions follow every performance, allowing audience members to share what they learned during the performance, and inquire about other themes.


Amjad connected with the Thespianz artists, and told them “It’s been an awesome day in my life after many years, and I cannot forget this day in my whole life.”

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