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Thespianz Foundation represent Pakistan in Temporada Alta International Theater Festival in Spain as a first Asian Theatre company - A piece of Ophelia - A famous Character from Hamlet by William Shakespeare performed and the artistic director talked to the Spanish audience.


Faisal Malik and Thespianz Foundation's former Associate Director, are nominated for the Ellen Stewart International Award for their contributions and activism in the field of theatre.

Cultural Group from all Asian Countries with Pooja and Jo. Caust (Australia) at Manesar - India


The Dutch Playwright Mr. Kristo Sagor invited by Thespianz Foundation in collaboration with Goethe Institut Karachi. Dutch Playwright conducted multiple workshops with multiple groups of playwrights and young people. The picture shows that City Government of Karachi welcome Dutch Playwright with many local artists community at Karachi Metropolitan Corporation-Karachi Pakistan

Theater WorkShop by Thespianz Foundation with American Cultural Envoy "Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren" in Haque Academy Theater & Dance WorkShop by Thespianz Theater with American Cultural Envoy "Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren" in Haque Academy


Thespianz Foundation Conduct a Workshop-MasterClass with Famous American Broadway Theatre & Dance Group "AMERICAN VOICES" 

John Ferguson - Pianist

Michael Parks Masterson - Dancer

Carole Hanna McCann - Playwright

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