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Utilizing a new method of integrating performing arts, the Thespianz Foundation’s training and workshops have worked to empower individuals to understand social issues, from gender awareness to anti-drugs, from peace to workplace communication.


In rural areas of Pakistan, where violent and extremist elements are especially relevant, theater workshops create artistic relief. Students and youth who are usually vulnerable to destructive behavior are given another opportunity to express themselves through acting and games. Workshops and training not only provide lessons and guidance on societal topics, but boost individual self-esteem, confidence, independence, mindfulness, internal philosophies, and vocabulary.


In order to support their families, many young people drop out of school and get a job, which further secludes them from their friends and peers. Training and workshops create an environment where colleagues, friends, and peers can reconnect and interact with each other, engage in creative initiatives, learn a skill, and build long-lasting partnerships.

Training and workshops can occur in one day or over the course of several days, and provide various methods to convey difficult issues and concepts, including open group discussions, presentations, demonstrations, role-playing, games, stories, case studies, and field visits.


By participating in these training, audience members are then able to train others, expanding the reach of the information and values to hundreds of others.


Theatre/Puppetry workshop was organized by Thespianz at Shah Abdul Latif University - Khairpur. Sheikh Sameer Nadeem facilitated the Workshop.

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