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We empower social changes with performing arts

Our goal: Accelerate global problem solving to benefit people & society


Thespianz Foundation was established in 2005 with the idea to promote education and provide social awareness through performing arts. Additional subjects are other than education, including anti-drugs awareness, vocational training, education for special children, anti book piracy and HIV aid awareness in our social mission. Thespianz Foundation is a reputed performing arts organization of Pakistan with performed 118 theatre campaigns consisting of approximately 456 theatre plays in more than 150 areas of Pakistan as well as in 18 other countries for 256,087 beneficiaries. Thespianz performed 772 String puppetry shows based on social awareness for 78,529 beneficiaries in more than 90 areas and facilitated 280 theatre/motivational workshops. Thespianz also ventured into executing large-scale festivals such as Pakistan’s biggest string puppetry festival (2 times in 81 areas of Karachi) spring cultural festival and recently Thespianz Folk Festival Khairpur - See news and coverages

Our Awareness Campaigns


              118+                               256087+                                 159+


Promote Your Cause 

Thespianz would like to offer it's performing arts services to the all private and governmental sectors as well as invite small and large scale business owners to utilize the modern medium of performing arts to promote your cause or product.

How we works

Thespianz has a professional performing art team that includes writers, creatives, and actors. The team centers all it’s plays around social issues and uses it to create awareness in the society.

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