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American Desi Family

Anti Domestic Violence Awareness

American Desi family - Urdu/Hindi Comedy Theatre Play

Thespianz is staging a Urdu/Hindi Comedy Play "American Desi Family". Written by Injila HAmesh, Directed by Faisal Malik & Associate Director Sheikh Sameer Nadeem. American Desi Family is a satirical comedy about a South Asian family that migrated to the United States. Wajeh is dissatisfied with his wife, Naima, while their family friend Aashiq, who is a bandmaster, always looks for local Desi marriages to perform. Noreen, a character who enjoys playing games, frequently makes false promises to Aashiq regarding marriage.

Meet Our Cast


Faisal Malik

Faisal Malik is an arts manager, creator, founding Artistic Director and founding President of Thespianz Foundation. He has directed 109 theatre plays, 71 dance performances and 712 workshops for teaching art and cultural performance. He is the Fellow in Art Management Fellowship Program at John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts – Washington DC by State Department and worked with Chicago Opera Theatre. He is the fellow of Arthink South Asia where he has worked with leading European Dance Company Shasha Waltz and Guest in Berlin, Worked with 100 years old Munich’s Theatre Company in Munich. He was Chief Guest at Royal National Belly – Warsaw Poland. He has launched many Social Awareness Campaigns. He introduced Thespianz Puppetry in which he provide healthy but lesson-oriented entertainment to Adults and Children. He is also an expert of Social Theatre for Mobilizing the communities.


Mehboob Khan

Mehboob Khan is a dedicated businessman with a passion for Urdu poetry, showcasing exceptional skills and creativity in the literary domain. His journey includes composing weekly articles to Urdu Times USA (1996-2002) and serving as the director of the Urdu Institute in Chicago. As a regular host of mushairas and Nazm-e-Mushaira, he has become a respected figure in Urdu literature. Beyond his literary pursuits, he has demonstrated versatility in acting and directing, shown in the stage drama "Taleem E Baligan” and “Mirza Ghalib Schaumburg Road Per." Notably, Urdu institute recently published his poetry book, “Idrak” which has been warmly received, adding another dimension to his multifaceted creative endeavors. Currently, he is engaged in works in progress, including a Safar Nama and a script for an upcoming drama/play, reflecting his commitment to both business and the arts.


Maliha Ghouse

Maliha is a Finance professional, exploring artistic pursuits has become a cherished aspect of her journey. Music, a constant companion, has allowed her to share her voice through nazams at various events. She has explored poetry, occasionally drawing inspiration from the world around her. She derived immense pleasure in prose recitals inspired by South Asian writers at local gatherings. In the world of theatre, she took the stage in a brief adaptation of Jane Austen’s 'Pride and Prejudice,' and later delved into a comedic play inspired by the tales of Akbar and Birbal, celebrating the lighter side of artistic expression. She has enjoyed moderating South Asian cultural programs led by the Urdu Institute, overseeing events like Jashn e Urdu Fikr O Fun and Alami Mushaira. Every experience has infused her creative journey with the depth of our cultural heritage, bringing people together to foster understanding and appreciation for the different forms of art.


Hussain Abbas

Hussain Abbas transitioned from an engineer to become an actor, honing his skills in National Academy of Performing Arts - NAPA. Throughout his work, He has graced the stage in diverse plays, spanning classical and modern dramas. For him, Acting isn't a choice; it's a calling that discovers us. Despite pursuing a master's program in the US, his unwavering passion for acting has pulled him back to the stage”.


Faisal Malik


Afzal Sodagar


Sheikh Sameer Nadeem

Associate Director

Umair Tariq

Stage Manager

Injila Hamesh


OB  Ovais


Faizan Khan

Assistant Director

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