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"Uth Oye" (A Wake-up Call)

Saving Awareness

uth oye.png

Thespianz staged 9 days musical theatre festival with first time in Pakistan "Cats Musical" play in Urdu language. The aim of this dazzling musical theatre performance was to convey the social messages, to highlight the Importance of Education, Health Preventives and to wage an Anti-Drugs campaign. That is why the play has been named as “Uth Oye” which means "Wake Up". There was around 21,000 thousand audience, which includes the students, teachers, parents, and the general public to get benefited from this musical play. The writer Nouman Mehmood said, “This drama is an endeavor to promote awareness amongst the blooming generation because they are our future and it is mandatory to make aware and educate our youth to turn the future bright. This drama is full of entertainment and filled with the social messages.

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