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Kaala Kaar

Peace & Women Empowerment

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Thespianz Theatre took it’s hilarious famous comedy theatre play ‘Kaala..Kaaar” to Punjab and KPK. In this performance tour, Thespianz performed at TMUC Islamabad, CECOS College Peshawar, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Peshawar, Brains College Peshawar, Islamia College Peshawar, Iqra University Peshawar, Home Economics College Peshawar and Abottabad University district Hazara in which 8 theatre performances along with 8 theatre/motivational workshops have been presented by Thespianz. Prior to this tour, Thespianz performed this same activity in seven different cities in Interior Sindh that have been highly appreciated by the locals of interior Sindh. While Thespianz aim to spread laughs and smiles in the sensitive and traditionalist province of Pakistan, people never get resisted to praise Thespianz efforts. People were very welcoming with attan and khatak dance in the reception of team Thespianz whereas Kaala..Kaar theatre play won the people hearts. Men women senior citizens and kids all were amazed to see this remarkable theatre play with lots of laughs and huge rounds of applauses. Hilarious theatre play witnessed by a huge number of audience and numerous TV channels and print media were also presented to cover this event. Play’s director Faisal Malik said; this theatre play has been staged in approximately 13 cities of Pakistan that have been witnessed by a verity of audience in which a huge number of students, senior citizens, U.S. alumni, young bloggers and social media activists, females and males’ entrepreneurs, government employees, youth and under developing theatre groups, school teachers, students of music and film making, photographers from universities and colleges, scout volunteers, youth who works in different shops and markets, youth leaders from NGOs, different university’s drama clubs, a group of documentary makers, access alumni, corporate sector people were participated and admired Thespianz team efforts with the standing ovation and enormous rounds of applause . He further mentioned that this is a purely Thespianz Theatre production which is written by Thespianz’s associate director Nouman Mehmood which aims to raise peace, love, unity, respect, interfaith harmony, women empowerment and patriotism through lots of laugh and chuckles.

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