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Babu in Interior Sindh

Education Awareness


After a successful Educational Awareness drive through an interactive theatre play "Babu" in Karachi, Thespianz team went to interior Sindh for spreading awareness among the people of Interior Sindh. The campaign was very tough for the Thespianz's team as it was Summers in Pakistan and the team faced 50-degree centigrade in Interior Sindh while they were on streets and delivering the message of "Importance of Education". Due to the language barrier, Thespianz's director has decided to turn the entire play in mime so that the people who speak various languages can easily feel the essence of this social narrative. The campaign went very well in seven various areas of interior Sindh and Thespianz accomplished the mission of this campaign by convincing people to send their kids to the schools and evaluated the campaign through feedback forms and attendees attendance sheets.

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