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Groovy Flashmob


flash mob.png

Multiple flash mobs were co-organised by the Oxford University Press (OUP) and Thespianzat Park Towers Karachi to spread awareness regarding piracy of books. Around 30 young professional dancers performed to popular Indian/Pakistani songs and managed to attract a crowd of onlookers with their choreographed moves and stunts. The male dancers of the group performed daring acrobatic stunts while the female dancers made the crowd swoon over their big smiles and animated gestures. The dancers also performed a short skit depicting an author who was the victim of piracy and focused on how the OUP protects its writers from piracy by copyrighting their books. The skit’s serious message was hidden behind comedic elements in order to retain the audience’s attention. “Piracy is a big problem in Pakistan” said Thespianz's artistic director Faisal Malik. “Whether it has to do with books, movies or music.” He then went on to speak about the importance of preventing piracy and hence support local authors. “Flash mobs are becoming very popular in Pakistan and we have organised many in the past year,”

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