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Debit Credit

Saving Awareness

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Thespianz presented a social comedy Urdu theatre play “Udhar Mang Kay Sharminda na karain” at Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC). The play was written and directed by Faisal Malik; Nouman Mehmood served as Associate Director, while Muttahir Ahmed khan discharged his duties as the Media Director of the project. This comedy theatre revolves around money-obsessed lead-character, Changezi, who is in habit of lending money from his friends. He hires people for his works, but never pays their salaries on time. Changezi’s employ, a male-servant, Sahil Khan, looks after his business, but is tired of his boss’s insensitivity. Thespianz's team beautifully delivered the message of saving awareness among the young generation.

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