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"Hawas" (Lust)

HIV Awareness


Homosexuality, AIDS, promiscuity and unprotected sex were the main themes of the Karachi Thespianz’s Flying Theatre in collaboration with Goethe Institut - Karachi conveyed by solely relying on Bollywood music and body language. Due to the sensitivity of the topics, director Faisal Malik had made a conscious decision not to use dialogue. The 40-minute play, titled ‘Hawas’, was organized by keeping in line with the concept of a mobile theatre, it was staged on a truck. The conclusion of the play shows two boys in anguish and only then are words used, that too in written form when Arif holds up a placard which says HIV/AIDS. The play ends on a somber note as Arif collapses on stage. “We just wanted to convey to young people that casual physical relationships with strangers are not a good idea,” said the director, while explaining why he chose this particular theme. He added that not enough theatre groups are focusing on HIV/Aids which is on the rise among the youth in Pakistan.

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